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Thursday Jun 06, 2024

June 06, 2024
We are back with another episode of the AlphaVets Podcast! This episode dives into the chaos surrounding us, embracing the turmoil, and exploring the spiritual and political battles that define our times. We discuss the latest on Trump, the deep state's machinations, and the inevitable reckoning awaiting those who have wronged him. From the rising prominence of silver to the spiritual warfare in El Salvador, we cover it all. Plus, giveaways, community shoutouts, and a heartfelt prayer to guide us through these tumultuous times. Join us for an episode filled with insight, inspiration, and a look at what's to come for America and beyond.  God Bless You & Enjoy.

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

JUNE 04, 2024
The Great Awakening: Unveiling Global Strategies and Prophetic Insights. 
Join us for a riveting discussion on the latest geopolitical moves and prophetic insights that are reshaping our world. In this episode, we delve into the strategic alliances forming across the globe, particularly focusing on the BRICS nations and their plans to dethrone the U.S. dollar. We explore Russia's and China's financial maneuvers, the implications of Iraq's recent economic agreements, and the potential end of the Petro Dollar era.
We also reflect on prophetic words that seem to align with current events, offering hope and perspective in these tumultuous times. As we navigate through the complexities of global economics and spiritual revelations, we emphasize the importance of preparedness, faith, and using our voices to speak truth to power.
Don't miss this deep dive into the unfolding grand plan that could bring about a great awakening and unprecedented prosperity. Tune in and stay informed as we unravel the intricacies of our rapidly changing world.
God Bless You & Enjoy.

Monday Jun 03, 2024

Welcome to AlphaVets! In today's episode, we dive into the unexpected technical glitches that hit the stock market, creating a ripple of confusion and speculation. 
The episode also explores the ongoing GameStop saga, examining the theories behind the market's reaction and the potential financial upheaval. We highlight the recent congressional hearing involving Dr. Fauci, emphasizing the stark divide between political parties and the persistent quest for truth and justice.
As always, we stress the importance of community, faith, and perseverance through the chaos. We share personal struggles and triumphs, reminding listeners that they are not alone in this journey. Tune in for an episode filled with insightful analysis, humor, and a call for unity in the face of adversity.  God Bless You & Enjoy.

Thursday May 30, 2024

Welcome to AlphaVets! In this special Thursday episode, we kick off with a lively discussion featuring our special guest, Kingdom Reacts. The conversation heats up as we delve into the day's events, technical hiccups, and the excitement surrounding the American comeback.
We explore the unprecedented legal challenges facing former President Donald Trump and the implications for the upcoming elections. The team shares their high energy and roller-coaster emotions as they navigate through the political landscape, emphasizing the importance of unity and the power of the First Amendment.
Our guest, Kingdom Reacts, shares his personal journey from being a Democrat to becoming a staunch supporter of conservative values. His insights into media manipulation and the awakening of the American people provide a compelling narrative of hope and resilience.
As the episode progresses, we delve into the spiritual warfare at play, highlighting the importance of relying on God's guidance in these turbulent times. The conversation takes a reflective turn as we discuss the prophetic words of Kim Clement and the significance of America's covenant with God.
Join us for an inspiring and thought-provoking episode as we stand united in our quest to reclaim our nation. Together, we can overcome the challenges and emerge stronger than ever. Don't miss out on this powerful discussion!

Tuesday May 28, 2024

MAY 28, 2024
We are back with another episode of the AlphaVets Podcast and today we discuss the continued rise of silver and gold.  We also discuss what the verdict could possibly with Trumps sham case that is taking place in New York.  We they find Trump guilty when it is clear as day that no crime has been committed?  What chain reaction would that cause?  Will they find him Not Guilty?  What kind of chain reaction would that cause?  Their seems to be a bit of Panic in the air.  God Bless You & Enjoy.

Thursday May 23, 2024

We are back with another episode of the AlphaVets Podcast and today we start with the ending of the Trump rally in the Bronx, NY.  Trump did a rally in one of the bluest areas in the Country and the turnout was massive.  The Democrats are in pure panic mode after seeing the people come out and support Trump.  We are heading into one of the greatest and scariest times of our lives but we are going to come out of all of this better than before and we are witnessing the birth of a new Nation.  God Bless You & enjoy.

Tuesday May 21, 2024

MAY 21, 2024
We are back with another episode of the AlphaVets Podcast.  Today we discuss the recent revelation from the Jack Smith SHAM documents case that the FBI was given clearance to use lethal force during the raid or Mar A Lago.  Merrick Garland approved that.  This whole things stinks and appears like the FBI was given the green light to assassinate President Trump.  This is disgusting on so many levels.  This is what our Country has come to.  Only God can save us now,  We had a lot of fun tonight so God Bless You & Enjoy.

Monday May 20, 2024

MAY 20, 2024
We are back with another episode of the AlphaVets Podcast.  Today we discuss the current rise in silver.  Precious metals are looking really good right now but if you have been following us that is no surprise to you.  It's only a matter of time before it goes vertical.  There appears to be something brewing in the Middle East with the reported death of the Iranian President.  Wonder what that is going to reveal or start?  We are witnessing the biggest sham of a trial in New York blowing up in the evil ones faces.  Will they have the guts to actually throw Trump in jail when the American people can clearly see that he is innocent and they are the actual guilty ones?  We shall find out!  God Bless You & Enjoy.

Thursday May 16, 2024

MAY 16, 2024
We are back with another episode of the AlphaVets podcast and today we discuss the current economical climate in the country.  There is so much going on.  Gold and Silver continue to be in a new high holding pattern and silver has even eclipsed $30 a couple of times.  We are getting close to the whole system completely collapsing.  They are doing everything they can to hold their fake system together but the people are starting to see it for what it really is.  It's only a matter of time.  We also discuss overcoming those stumbles and not giving in to the evil one when he tells us we are unredeemable.  God Bless You & Enjoy.

Tuesday May 14, 2024

MAY 14, 2024
We are back with another episode of the AlphaVets podcast and tonight we welcome Prayer Warriors 365 from RUMBLE.  We discuss the power in the name of Jesus and our walk and growth in Faith with him.  We had some very strange sounds come through the audio in this episode.  They sounded demonic.  You be the judge.  This show was fun and I definitely think it will lift your spirits.  Got Bless You & Enjoy.


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